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(edit) @ae51e2a   12 years Andrew Bradford Created MIPS and ARM GCC-Static files & cleanup x86 no longer is …
(edit) @d5c7418   12 years Andrew Bradford Changed BUILD variable name to CLFS_ABI It better represents what the …
(edit) @7926af1   12 years Andrew Bradford Cleaned up Build Variables sections Everyone was referencing the x86 …
(edit) @541ad7b   12 years Andrew Bradford Moved x86/abi.xml to common/abi.xml x86 doesn't have an abi.xml …
(edit) @d05636e   12 years Andrew Bradford Set ABI when compiling GCC
(edit) @deb99a3   12 years Andrew Bradford Fixed typo in GMP formatting
(edit) @285d1d0   12 years Andrew Bradford Added option to run make check on GMP GCC version 4.3.2 compiles GMP …
(edit) @65b296c   12 years Andrew Bradford Updated GCC-Final configure switches Added --with-mpc and corrected …
(edit) @2c5aad4   12 years Andrew Bradford Embedded book doesn't install same packages twice The embedded book …
(edit) @f6137b6   12 years Andrew Bradford Added --with-mpc to GCC's configure switches With GCC 4.5, MPC is …
(edit) @f704d3f   12 years Andrew Bradford Added info to each of GCC's configure switches
(edit) @10d90f3   12 years Andrew Bradford Update Binutils to version 2.21 Updated Binutils to version 2.21 and …
(edit) @964fe7d   12 years Andrew Bradford Added linux-headers scsi and xen dirs Section 6.5 lists the contents …
(edit) @dc5342b   12 years Joe Ciccone From: Andrew Bradford <bradfa@…> ${CLFS}/usr/include was …
(edit) @7faf029   12 years Joe Ciccone Make the command the copies the config file during uClibc verbose.
(edit) @a9bbc46   12 years Joe Ciccone Updated uClibc to 0.9.31.
(edit) @b6327d0   12 years Joe Ciccone Added new package: MPC.
(edit) @35e0963   12 years Joe Ciccone Initial Upgrade of GCC to 4.5.1. MPC needs to be added.
(edit) @c747e18   12 years Joe Ciccone Updated Binutils to 2.20.1.
(edit) @85fc1b3   12 years Joe Ciccone Updated MPFR to 3.0.0.
(edit) @b0b1007   12 years Joe Ciccone Updated GMP to 5.0.1.
(edit) @0ec3a36   13 years mlankhorst add CROSS to building uclibc
(edit) @2804a96   14 years clfs Updates - Endian Check - GCC and Binutils Patch Updates
(edit) @3ec3099   14 years clfs Added Missing Files and Package Updates
(edit) @19776da   14 years clfs Updated to Linux
(edit) @9c034b9   14 years clfs Fixed uClibc
(edit) @320a81a   14 years clfs Updated to Binutils 2.19.1
(edit) @b059259   14 years clfs Updated MPFR to 2.4.0
(edit) @3a3ba13   14 years clfs Updated to uClibc page
(edit) @b327081   14 years clfs Changed Wording on uclibc.xml
(edit) @0dad5b9   14 years clfs uClibc Updates
(edit) @6533111   14 years clfs Toolchain Updates
(edit) @d599ff5   14 years clfs Fixed abi Page
(edit) @e1b2402   14 years clfs GCC and Binutils Updates to Embedded
(edit) @0194a60   14 years Joe Ciccone Updated Binutils to 2.19. Updated GCC to 4.3.2. Dropped the uClibc …
(edit) @56d186f   14 years m.b.lankhorst Remove unnecessary setting of variables from cross-toolchains chapters
(edit) @9dc5852   14 years m.b.lankhorst Get rid of CLFS_HOST
(edit) @943c29a   15 years Joe Ciccone Reworded some explanitory text.
(edit) @3ca2208   16 years manuel Several fixes for PDF look.
(edit) @bd48e48   16 years manuel Updated CLFS-Embedded book sources to use DocBook?-XML DTD 4.5.
(edit) @0602db2   16 years clfs Updated to GCC 4.1.2
(edit) @4a39aeb   16 years m.b.lankhorst Typo
(edit) @299e552   16 years clfs Fixed Typos in GCC Static
(edit) @1864993   16 years clfs Fixed Typos in GCC Static
(edit) @eee610a   16 years m.b.lankhorst Re-add --disable-threads
(edit) @59dfbb9   16 years m.b.lankhorst Fix wrong explanation
(edit) @00c8a02   16 years chris Text updates
(edit) @8520e58   16 years clfs Text Updates for CLFS Embedded
(edit) @841271e   16 years clfs uClibc updates
(edit) @99fc891   16 years m.b.lankhorst Committing mips tree
(edit) @e666df1   16 years clfs Updated Date Added Busybox Added Patches Updated uClibc to build Busybox
(edit) @6561a0f   16 years manuel Fixed validation issues.
(add) @a9e389d   16 years clfs Initial Import of CLFS 3.0
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