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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
abi.xml 1.4 KB 541ad7b   12 years Andrew Bradford Moved x86/abi.xml to common/abi.xml x86 doesn't have an abi.xml …
binutils.xml 12.5 KB 10d90f3   12 years Andrew Bradford Update Binutils to version 2.21 Updated Binutils to version 2.21 and …
cflags.xml 898 bytes bd48e48   16 years manuel Updated CLFS-Embedded book sources to use DocBook?-XML DTD 4.5.
gcc-final.xml 5.5 KB d05636e   12 years Andrew Bradford Set ABI when compiling GCC
gcc-static.xml 8.4 KB d05636e   12 years Andrew Bradford Set ABI when compiling GCC
gmp.xml 2.2 KB deb99a3   12 years Andrew Bradford Fixed typo in GMP formatting
introduction.xml 2.1 KB 2c5aad4   12 years Andrew Bradford Embedded book doesn't install same packages twice The embedded book …
linux-headers.xml 2.1 KB 964fe7d   12 years Andrew Bradford Added linux-headers scsi and xen dirs Section 6.5 lists the contents …
mpc.xml 2.0 KB b6327d0   12 years Joe Ciccone Added new package: MPC.
mpfr.xml 2.0 KB 85fc1b3   12 years Joe Ciccone Updated MPFR to 3.0.0.
uclibc.xml 3.0 KB 7faf029   12 years Joe Ciccone Make the command the copies the config file during uClibc verbose.
variables.xml 1.3 KB 7926af1   12 years Andrew Bradford Cleaned up Build Variables sections Everyone was referencing the x86 …
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