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Man-DB Version Upgrade

Reported by: William Harrington Owned by: clfs-commits@…
Priority: major Milestone: CLFS Standard 3.1.0
Component: BOOK Version: CLFS Standard GIT
Keywords: Cc: berzerkula@…, jonathan@…, chris@…


Since, and not since our current version of

2014-09-28 Colin Watson <cjwatson@…>

  • Version:

2014-09-28 Colin Watson <cjwatson@…>

Work around lack of UTIME_* on GNU/Hurd

  • gnulib/fdutimens-hurd.patch: New file.
  • Apply gnulib/fdutimens-hurd.patch.
  • NEWS: Document this.

2014-09-27 Colin Watson <cjwatson@…>

Avoid using or double-closing closed database handles

Thanks to Andreas Radke and Bruce Dubbs for reporting, and to Andreas Radke for testing.

  • src/check_mandirs.c (testmandirs): Close dbf if necessary before (re-)opening it. Zero out dbf after closing it. (update_db_time, purge_missing): Zero out dbf after closing it.
  • src/man.c (dbdelete_wrapper, try_db): Likewise.
  • src/mandb.c (update_one_file): Likewise.
  • src/straycats.c (straycats): Likewise.
  • src/whatis.c (search): Likewise.
  • NEWS: Document this.

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