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Final system GCC on PPC

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In final-system/ppc, there is a "gcc.xml". The only difference from common that I can see is that the "make" command has an additional variable...

make STAGE1_CFLAGS="-g -O2"

This command is also used, via xinclude, in ppc64/gcc.xml. It was added a few years ago, with a message saying that the extra variable is needed for GCC to compile on PPC. However, ppc-chapter.xml actually uses "common/gcc.xml", and ppc64-64-chapter.xml has "64/gcc.xml" - the specific make command from "ppc/gcc.xml" is only used in the PPC multilib book.

In short, can someone with a PPC system (preferably 64, to test both 32 and 64 bits) verify if that make command is really needed? Can GCC in the final system be compiled with just plain "make"?

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comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by William Harrington

I'll test with the powerbook G4. Cosmo doesn't have his Dual G5 going to test ppc64. If ppc works, it is most likely that ppc64 will work, as well.

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by William Harrington

While I build a current ppc build, my old build of SYSTEMD-20140424-PowerPC - jhalfs build didn't use

make STAGE1_CFLAGS="-g -O2"

Regarding STAGE1_CFLAGS:

STAGE1_CFLAGS is used when building stage 1. BOOT_CFLAGS is used when building stages 2 and 3. The separation is because STAGE1_CFLAGS applies to whatever compiler is used to build gcc. BOOT_CFLAGS applies when using the newly built gcc to build itself.

I wouldn't think that the temp-system compiler would cause issues for final-system compiler with ppc64.

I'll ask Ken if he's used his G5 to build LFS recently and needed that.

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by William Harrington

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I've went ahead and changed this for now and kept the ppc/gcc.xml with STAGE1_CFLAGS in it for now.

I may get a hold of a powerpc64 system to test multilib in the future.

Fixed with commit 2e29e074a75e793edf9a86fe6ab8d70eecd7c02c

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