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Cross-tools Descriptions for File and M4

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Martin brought up a point for the text regarding File and M4 in cross-tools.

"Here we will install an *m4* binary that can run on the host system, as this program is required by GMP"

As quoted by Martin,

"Perhaps we should be more explict, in saying we install this particular version of m4 as it provides the required features needed by GMP in this chapter and in the basic tools chapter, as the host may not have m4 or one that is compatible with the particular version of GMP . ditto file"

In the past, from my understanding, we've built file started December 13, 2006 when Jim add the xml. Now, I know we had always built File as the host's file may be too old, but I'm not sure if any particular version is required. I can't find that info in Binutils if there is a file version requirement. Anyone know about this requirement? I notice Chris moved File to the beginning of cross tools chapter back in 2007 according to the CLFS 1.1.0 ChangeLog?.

For m4, I'm not sure if there is a specific version requirement, just that some hosts will not have m4 installed. Probably just as long as some m4 is available. We don't necessarily build the current version of m4 cause GMP requires that certain m4 version. For history, we really added m4 to cross-tools back in May 19, 2011 cause of bison 2.5 upgrade. But now it is for GMP.

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I think I recall jim and/or Joe saying something about how there needs to be the same version of file or libmagic used to compile the toolchain as you use in the final system - I'll see if I can check my logs for past conversatinos about this. Though, I have no idea if that's even still true.

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Book updated. File is required to build the magic files for temp-system. The version of File used in the book shall be in the cross-tools for the host to execute and build appropriate files for temp-system File.

M4 needs no specific version as far as we can tell.

commit 3a4cb539568042a5a10645493e1d1fb17ef7fdd9 fixes this.

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