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Findutils 4.6.0

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New version

GNU findutils NEWS - User visible changes.      -*- outline -*- (allout)

* Major changes in release 4.6.0, 2015-12-28

** Stable Release

This is the first stable release since findutils-4.4.2.  The entries
below in this file detail the changes that have occurred since release
4.3.13 (which is the common ancestor of this release and
findutils-4.4.0).  This release includes all the bug fixes
incorporated into the 4.4.x release series, since those bug fixes were
also applied to the 4.5.x release series.

** Summary of Changes

The most significant changes since the 4.4.2 release are:

1. Some backward-incompatible changes have been made to find:
  - egrep regular expressions now work like GNU grep -E
  - Minor changes to the way nanoseconds fields are printed
  - find -perm +mode is now fully POSIX compliant (if you want the old
    behaviour use -perm /mode).
  - find -perm +numeric_mode is not supported any more. This syntax is
    unspecified by POSIX. The prior functionality continues to be
    available with -perm /numeric_mode. For more details see Savannah
    bug #38474.

2. Some backward-incompatible changes have been made to xargs:
  - if the child exits with status 126 or 127, xargs exits with status

3. There are also a large number of bugfixes, performance enhancements
   and documentation improvements, as detailed below.

4. The "oldfind" binary is no longer installed.

** Translations

Updated the Danish translation.

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