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Procps-ng 3.3.10 Version Upgrade

Reported by: William Harrington Owned by: clfs-commits@…
Priority: major Milestone: CLFS Standard 3.1.0
Component: BOOK Version: CLFS Standard GIT
Keywords: Cc: berzerkula@…, jonathan@…, chris@…



  • sysctl --system loads default config file - Debian #732920
  • ps doesn't exit on SIGCONT
  • top better accommodates discontinuous NUMA nodes
  • ps cmdline trailing spaces suppressed under zsh, redhat #1057600
  • kill restores the '-HUP -1' functionality
  • vmstat -d / -p segfault eliminated when /sys is not mounted
  • pgrep properly shows full command line when -au are combined
  • vmstat supports timestamps with -t/--timestamp option
  • top is now immune to distortions when system time is reset
  • top standardized the <Esc> key support with prompted input
  • top missing summary area info added to man document, ubuntu #574624
  • top properly responds to the current locale LC_NUMERIC setting
  • top provides alternate graph modes for cpu states and memory usage
  • top offers new startup defaults, plus ./configure --disable-modern-top
  • top exploits MemAvailable? field and offers improved memory statistics
  • ps new --quick-pid option, a more efficient alternative to --pid option
  • usernames up to 32 characters now accommodated (up from 19), redhat #1112734
  • free exploits MemAvailable? field and offers improved memory statistics
  • free considers slabs in displayed totals, debian #565518, ubuntu #126329
  • watch supports new ANSI styles and background colors

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