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Modifications to GCC to fix PPC Build Issues

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  • gcc/config/rs6000/t-linux64

    This patch works changes the biarch of PPC to the match other archs
    diff -Naur gcc-4.4.0.orig/gcc/config/rs6000/t-linux64 gcc-4.4.0/gcc/config/rs6000/t-linux64
    old new  
    1414# it doesn't tell anything about the 32bit libraries on those systems.  Set
    1515# MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES according to what is found on the target.
    17 MULTILIB_OPTIONS        = m64/m32 msoft-float
     17MULTILIB_OPTIONS        = m64/m32
    1818MULTILIB_DIRNAMES       = 64 32 nof
    1919MULTILIB_EXTRA_OPTS     = fPIC mstrict-align
    20 MULTILIB_EXCEPTIONS     = m64/msoft-float
    21 MULTILIB_EXCLUSIONS     = m64/!m32/msoft-float
    22 MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES     = ../lib64 $(if $(wildcard $(shell echo $(SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR))/../../usr/lib32),../lib32,../lib) nof
     22MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES     = ../lib64 $(if $(wildcard $(shell echo $(SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR))/../../usr/lib32),../lib32,../lib)
     23MULTILIB_MATCHES        =
    2525softfp_wrap_start := '\#ifndef __powerpc64__'
    2626softfp_wrap_end := '\#endif'
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