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Read the Cross Linux From Scratch Book Online

The CLFS Book is available for viewing online.

Current Stable and Development

CLFS 3.0.0 RC1

This is a release candidate for the 3.0.0 stable book. Select the book to read based on the init system you want to use:




This is the current development book for Cross-LFS.



Sysroot Development

This book is for testing new methods for CLFS and is currently under development. Please do not use this book unless you would like to help us test.

CLFS Sysroot

Embedded Development

This is for an embedded build utilizing musl libc and Busybox. This book is still being developed, but please comment and make suggestions towards the build.

CLFS Embedded

Stable 2.x Series

The CLFS BOOK - Version 2.1.0

CLFS 2.1.0

The CLFS BOOK - Version 2.0.0

CLFS 2.0.0

Older Stable Books

See the CLFS Museum to view books for older CLFS releases, as well as download packages and patches.