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    22= CLFS News =
     4== Announcing CLFS 1.0.0rc1 - The "Bender" release ==
     6The CLFS Development team is pleased to announce the first release
     7candidate of CLFS-1.0.0, code-name "Bender".  This test release
     8features Glibc 2.4, GCC 4.1.1, Binutils 2.17, and supports the x86,
     9x86-64, sparc, powerpc, ppc64, mips, mips64, and alpha, including
     10multilib on those arch's that support it.  Cross-building is also
     11supported, even from non-Linux host systems such as Solaris, *BSD, and
     12OS X.
     14The developers encourage wide testing of the CLFS build on as many
     15archs as possible, proofreading of the text, and any other
     16suggestions.  Please open tickets in the Trac system at
     17[] for any problems
     18found, so we may address them.
     20You may view the book online at:
     24and downloadable versions are available for most arch's at:
     28This release is tagged in SVN at the following location, if you wish
     29to render it yourself:
     35The current plan calls for RC2 to be released on July 8th, and the
     36final release of 1.0.0 on July 15th.  Of course, we want to make every
     37effort to ensure a good release, so if further RC's are necessary, we
     38will allow for them.
     40We thank you for your support!
     42The CLFS Development Team
     44Jim Gifford - CLFS Co-leader
     45Ryan Oliver - CLFS Co-leader
     46Jeremy Utley - CLFS 1.x release manager
     47Joe Ciccone, Justin Knierim, Chris Staub, Matt Darcy, Ken Moffat,
     48Manuel Canales Esparcia, Nathan Coulson