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    2 To subscribe to the mailing list
     2= Mailing Lists =
     4== General Info ==
     6Before you post to the Cross-LFS mailing lists, please check the [ LFS FAQ], Search [ Google], and the Mailing List archives both here at Cross-LFS (coming soon), as well as [ LFS].
     8== Mailing List Description ==
     10 * '''clfs-dev'''
     11   * The [ clfs-dev] list is used for discussion of Cross-LFS book development
     12 * '''clfs-support'''
     13   * The [ clfs-support] list should be used to get help when following the instructions in the Cross-LFS book.  For now, support inquiries for applications after CLFS will also be accepted, but there may at some point in the future be a separate list dedicated for that.
     14 * '''clfs-commits'''
     15   * The [ clfs-commits] list is used for coordinating the maintenance of the Cross-LFS book.  Traffic is mostly SVN commits and Ticket tracking.  Since it is important that all development discussions take place on clfs-dev, replies to messages sent to the clfs-commits list will be directed to -dev.
     17== Archives ==
     18All mailing lists are archived and can be browsed online.  The archives are always current, and links to the archives are available from each lists information page.
     20== Subscribing ==
     21The easiest way of subscribing is via the [ online forms].
     23You may also subscribe by sending an email to <listname>  Cross-LFS uses the GNU Mailman list manager software, which requires confirmation of every subscription request.
     25== Unsubscribing ==
     26The easiest way of unsubscribing is via the [ online forms].
     28You may also unsubscribe by sending an email to <listname>  Again, as in subscribing, you will need to confirm the request to unsubscribe.
     30== Filters ==
     31Every email to the Cross-LFS mailing lists has a List-Id header.  This header will always contain the name of the mailing list that the email came from, allowing easy filtering.  A sample procmail recipe to filter on this header would look like this:
     34* ^List-Id: .*<>
     37== Digest Mode ==
     38All lists have a "digest mode" available which can be set after a user subscribes to the list.  In digest mode, instead of receiving each email as it is sent to the list, you receive one email per day with all the posts sent to the list during that day.
     40This setting can be configured via the [ online forms].
     42== Vacation Mode ==
     43If you are going to be away for a while or wish to stop receiving messages from the list, but do not want to unsubscribe, you may change to "Vacation Mode".  This has the same effect as unsubscribing (no more messages for that list will be sent to you), but saves you from having to go thru the unsubscribe/re-subscribe process.
     45This setting can be configured via the [ online forms].  Note that Mailman refers to this option as '''''Mail delivery'''''