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JFS is IBM's Journaled File System

  • Cross Compile -

Change BUILDXX to your architecture (32,64)

CC="${CC} ${BUILDXX}" ./configure --prefix=/tools --host=${LFS_TARGET} &&
make &&
make install

  • Final System Compile -

./configure --prefix=/usr --sbindir=/sbin &&
make &&
make install &&
ln -sf /sbin/jfs_fsck /sbin/fsck.jfs &&
ln -sf /sbin/jfs_mkfs /sbin/mkfs.jfs

  • Grub Changes -

Change the following line
cp -v /usr/lib/grub/{architecture}-pc/stage{1,2} /boot/grub
cp -v /usr/lib/grub/{architecture}-pc/* /boot/grub

  • Kernel Configuration -

Make sure you select JFS. If it's going to be your root file system, make sure you build it into the kernel. Also select JFS Statistics, so jfs_fsck can give you valuable feedback when issues arise.

  • /etc/fstab -

jfs is the label used for the jfs file system.
/dev/hda2 / jfs defaults 1 1