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    3 Place Holder for CLFS FAQ
     3This FAQ is designed to help people understand the unique design and intent of the Cross Linux from Scratch project.
     4Any questions or inquiries for improvements/suggestions/bugs please feel free to chat in #clfs on
     5And now for the FAQ.
    5 [[BR]]For now, please see the [ LFS FAQ].
     8'''Q: What is CLFS (Cross Linux from Scratch)?'''
     10A: CLFS started off as an extension to the Linux from Scratch project to support the recent 64bit processors.  Then
     11it moved to encompass other architectures like MIPS, ALPHA, SPARC.  To date the project includes support for most
     12known 32-bit AND 64-bit processors.
     15'''Q: All this talk about a toolchain.  What exactly ''IS'' a toolchain?'''
     17A: The toolchain is the foundation of your building environment.  It consists of kernel headers, C library (either glibc or uclibc), binutils (linker suite) and gcc (compiler suite).  Any changes of this set of tools might result in an unstable program being built.
     20'''Q: The variables used (CFLAGS, CLFS_HOST, etc).  What are those and why must they be set?'''
     22A: The variables being set like CLFS_HOST and CLFS_TARGET are very important because they are used to tell the building scripts (usually configure) how to setup the Makefiles for compiling.
     25If there are any other questions that people have feel free to ask in irc channel or mailing lists.