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    1 Greetings. I've talked with Joe about starting a pure 64 PPC64 book. A few have asked why there is not one. Simply, yaboot, powermac tools, and firefox2 will not work properly in 32 bit. I haven't confirmed powermac tools not working properly in 64 bit, as I built them in 64 bit and not tested them, but I think it is best to have static 32bit yaboot, powermac tools, which I can build and upload to a server, or a user can build statically themselves and use on their system. This book will be in progress and I will be working on it. I'm using this ticket for when I get things rolling. I do not have any idea who out there has ppc64 machines, and this will be the place to post in the future when you can try the book I'm putting together. It will be a while, and you may read this ticket for progress. For information for those using PPC64 in 64 bit userspace and haven't bothered building 32 bit binaries and libs in cblfs, I have a note in the CBLFS Firefox section about using firefox3 instead of firefox2.
     1I have the PowerpC64 pure 64 book setup. I am testing now. Once I've tested it, and others have tested (and our greatly welcome to test the cross tools and temp system sections even if they have no ppc64 hardware), it will be pushed into the current git book.