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(edit) @458ac4c   9 years andrew bootscripts: No symlink needed init will find the startup and …
(edit) @ebc4a9b   9 years andrew bootscripts: Correct contents and descriptions
(edit) @d92670c   9 years andrew network: Create simple DHCP client config Using udhcpc and eth0, on …
(edit) @59d0399   9 years andrew Update all bootscripts ch to use ${CLFS}/targetfs
(edit) @364d698   10 years andrew Consistently capitalize BusyBox? name It was written sometimes with …
(edit) @111f2c6   12 years Andrew Bradford Updated mdev.conf using Alpine Linux config Obtained mdev.conf from …
(edit) @b38422d1   12 years Andrew Bradford Don't delete the bootscripts source dir when complete The bootscripts …
(edit) @c62f4d4   12 years Andrew Bradford Link etc/init.d/rcS to etc/rc.d/startup for BusyBox? BusyBox? wanst the …
(edit) @7dd2673   12 years Andrew Bradford Fixed Hostname typo, [lfs] to [clfs]
(edit) @b836e1e   12 years Andrew Bradford Made mdev video output not enabled by default Default configuration …
(edit) @86c5fd0   12 years Andrew Bradford Updated bootscripts contents to match actual scripts
(edit) @ead8566   12 years Andrew Bradford Updated bootscripts make target to "install-bootscripts" Thanks to …
(edit) @49c9bc5   12 years Andrew Bradford Fixed udhcpc.conf script file name Thanks to Steven Swann …
(edit) @423fe6b   13 years mlankhorst add a udhcpc.conf script to make udhcpc actually useful
(edit) @1f35837   13 years mlankhorst book: Fix mdev.conf
(edit) @cb0e00d   14 years clfs Finish removal if /etc/inputrc
(edit) @2e3b9e1   14 years clfs Busybox and uClibc don't support inputrc
(edit) @3ca2208   16 years manuel Several fixes for PDF look.
(edit) @bd48e48   16 years manuel Updated CLFS-Embedded book sources to use DocBook?-XML DTD 4.5.
(edit) @a7f06de   16 years m.b.lankhorst Add ${CLFS} to inputrc
(edit) @3466794   16 years clfs Text Updates
(edit) @7165e5c   16 years clfs Move the end to Beyond CLFS Added /etc/profile Added /etc/inpurc
(edit) @de9651e   16 years clfs Fixed some typos in Network Setup
(edit) @75a41b8   16 years clfs Updated Some Page Titles
(edit) @a56c046   16 years clfs Update bootscripts information
(edit) @1d67150   16 years clfs Removed udev Added the use of mdev Removed udev rules Added …
(edit) @5376ffe   16 years chris Corrected command for installation of udev rules
(edit) @faa6467   16 years clfs Removed Information that is not necessary for embedded systems. Added …
(add) @a9e389d   16 years clfs Initial Import of CLFS 3.0
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