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(edit) @209f20d   9 years andrew kernel: s/simplify/reduce complexity of booting/ As per …
(edit) @5846de5   9 years andrew fstab: Just a root line The bootscripts will take care of all the …
(edit) @ce86847   9 years andrew Add bootloaders page to bootable section Just list out popular …
(edit) @d4c0817   9 years andrew kernel: First pass at cleanup Remove any recommendation of using …
(edit) @9085699   9 years andrew Make bootable/kernel common There's really no difference between each …
(edit) @3eb50f8   9 years andrew Fix bootable/x86/kernel permissions
(edit) @790f34e   9 years andrew fstab: Install to ${CLFS}/targetfs
(edit) @21c7ba3   10 years andrew Remove all wrt specific chapters / contents
(edit) @434f6d7   10 years andrew bootable/*/kernel: Fix depmod command Correct name of …
(edit) @a723063   12 years Andrew Bradford Moved chowning.xml to cleanup chapter, edited it Moved …
(edit) @373cf47   12 years Andrew Bradford Removed inclusion of chowning section Removed the inclusion of the …
(edit) @08718a4   12 years Andrew Bradford Don't mknod /dev/console and /dev/null mdev will create both …
(edit) @5ac6f32   13 years mlankhorst reword wrt/kernel
(edit) @6d34f7d   13 years mlankhorst book: Add standard config file for bcm47xx target
(edit) @6a3c6dc   14 years clfs Updates to IPTables and Dropbear
(edit) @3ca2208   16 years manuel Several fixes for PDF look.
(edit) @bd48e48   16 years manuel Updated CLFS-Embedded book sources to use DocBook?-XML DTD 4.5.
(edit) @ad36f39   16 years m.b.lankhorst Add arm part 2
(edit) @cbe8492   16 years clfs Moved WRT to a separate BOOK
(edit) @99e5b35   16 years m.b.lankhorst Update mips kernel build instructions
(edit) @4fc3670   16 years m.b.lankhorst Update dropbear stuff
(edit) @4152b92   16 years m.b.lankhorst Bump bcm947xx related packages
(edit) @7e53cff   16 years m.b.lankhorst Apply some MIPS specific patches to kernel
(edit) @2a5958f   16 years m.b.lankhorst Missing space found
(edit) @89cc05c   16 years clfs Text Updates
(edit) @81d9bce   16 years clfs Added note about what has to built into the kernel
(edit) @e5ece2c   16 years clfs Added: Colo for MIPS Raq2 Series
(edit) @f23b5ee   16 years clfs Removed uclibc-headers Update Kernel Build Added for Modular …
(edit) @1d67150   16 years clfs Removed udev Added the use of mdev Removed udev rules Added …
(edit) @d88959a   16 years chris Removed redundant page
(edit) @73b32c7   16 years chris Text updates
(edit) @f03c1f1   16 years clfs Added: iana-etc Added: passwd and group files
(edit) @99fc891   16 years m.b.lankhorst Committing mips tree
(add) @a9e389d   16 years clfs Initial Import of CLFS 3.0
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