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(edit) @63f1942   6 years chris Added text about timesyncd clfs-3.0.0-systemdsystemd
(edit) @db1f9ad   6 years William Harrington gid nobody remove, uid nobody should be a member of gid nogroup. clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @725bca7   6 years William Harrington Add wheel gid. clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @edaed14   7 years chris Add group needed by systemd clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @229ed25   7 years chris Merge branch 'master' into systemd Conflicts: … clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @b38c717   7 years William Harrington Swap tape and tty gid's. clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @2b687ad   9 years Joe Ciccone Merge branch 'master' into systemd Conflicts: BOOK/general.ent … clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @3e27692   9 years Joe Ciccone Fix spelling error. clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @27f57ec   9 years Joe Ciccone Add D-Bus 1.4.1. clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(add) @8f1ae86   10 years Joe Ciccone Migrated the UID and GID Map from Sysroot. clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
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