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(edit) @8ffe6ef   9 years chris Added BUILD64 to new page in temp-system/64, and removed it from … clfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsysvinit
(edit) @631c8f4   9 years chris x86 Glibc builds no longer need CFLAGS clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @1f29b931   9 years William Harrington Update changelogs for git version after 2.1.0 release. clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @64dddd6   10 years William Harrington Add eglibc optimization entries to x86/x86_64/x86_64-64 changelogs. clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @b63d572   10 years William Harrington Add entry for removal of generic optimization for x86 and x86_64 targets. clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @5ea4e55   10 years William Harrington Restart changelogs. clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @fe61c5a   10 years William Harrington Update grub information and instructions in Ch7 boot section of x86 books. clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @c140ee2   10 years William Harrington Boot section updates. Add shadow to boot section. Fix pure64 books for … clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @6345f19   10 years William Harrington Update the x86 books at the make the system bootable with grub section. clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @f34bfa1   10 years William Harrington Remove misplaced command and update eglibc xml for pure64 finalsystem … clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @0fadcfd   11 years jon Restarted changelog for archs released in CLFS 1.2 clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @271d0f03   12 years jonathan Various fixes for boot section and updated minimum partition size to 6GB clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @a86a34b   12 years Jonathan Norman <jonathan at> Updated packages clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @dabbced   12 years Joe Ciccone Change the XInclude schema path from 2003 to 2001. 2003 is depreciated … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @b32999c   13 years zippo modified: BOOK/boot/x86_64-64/lilo.xml modified: … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @e3196bd   14 years Joe Ciccone Remove more tabs and replace with 8 spaces. clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @7b7f61b2   15 years zarniwhoop For pure64 builds on multilib-capable architectures, ensure … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @28e6dc4   15 years zarniwhoop Fix c++ tests in glibc and binutils on pure64 builds for … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @4bf670f1   15 years zarniwhoop Make sure lilo looks for {CLFS}/etc/lilo.conf in chapter 7. Thanks to … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @aa18ac0   16 years manuel Updated trunk book sources to use DocBook?-XML DTD 4.5. clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @c8a789ce   16 years clfs Updated to Lilo 22.8 clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @d7ca9e8   16 years zarniwhoop x86_64 64-bit gettext no longer needs the sed to pass its testsuite. clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @a19b722   16 years zarniwhoop Change lilo-static to lilo.static to reflect the changed target in the … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @e990786d   16 years zarniwhoop Fix typo, I wish I'd noticed this before 1.0.0 came out. clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @91d0bc4   16 years clfs r5283@server: jim | 2006-08-28 11:10:20 -0700 Updated to Lilo 22.7.3 clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @591da99   16 years clfs r5275@server: jim | 2006-08-28 10:51:40 -0700 Cleanup/Setup? for CLFS … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @318ac4f   17 years zarniwhoop Fix the gettext -fPIC testsuite problem, now that the original fix no … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @48b28ab   17 years clfs r2552@server (orig r1265): ken | 2006-03-12 15:28:07 -0800 Use Lilo … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @a9e69c6   17 years clfs r894@server (orig r892): ken | 2005-12-13 10:19:59 -0800 Reinstate … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @74c6a83   17 years clfs r737@server (orig r735): jim | 2005-11-20 23:11:01 -0800 … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @62e9ea6   17 years clfs r731@server (orig r729): manuel | 2005-11-20 07:15:14 -0800 Cleaned … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @5a2ff30   17 years clfs r727@server (orig r725): manuel | 2005-11-19 10:02:12 -0800 … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @3033632   17 years clfs r705@server (orig r703): ken | 2005-11-14 07:34:25 -0800 Fix the … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @6aad380   17 years clfs r677@server (orig r675): manuel | 2005-11-10 03:13:57 -0800 … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(add) @3f8be484   17 years clfs r627@server (orig r625): jim | 2005-10-31 12:59:34 -0800 Import of … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
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