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(edit) @799de33   9 years chris Updated file system mount commands for chroot clfs-3.0.0-systemdsystemd
(edit) @ba2a6ce0   9 years chris Moved util-linux into temp-system clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @dabbced   12 years Joe Ciccone Change the XInclude schema path from 2003 to 2001. 2003 is depreciated … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @9fedd70f   12 years Joe Ciccone Update Util-linux to 2.19-rc3. clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @7c0efc5   14 years Joe Ciccone E2fsprogs is not needed in the chroot section, it was only there to … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @98c59fa   14 years Joe Ciccone use the libblkid and libuuid provided by Util-Linux-NG instead of … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @28e6dc4   15 years zarniwhoop Fix c++ tests in glibc and binutils on pure64 builds for … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @46423ee   15 years clfs Updated Util-linux-ng to 2.13 clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @aa18ac0   16 years manuel Updated trunk book sources to use DocBook?-XML DTD 4.5. clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @b48718c   16 years clfs r5114@server: jim | 2006-08-16 13:12:50 -0700 Moved flags.xml in … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @8b459bb   17 years clfs r5062@server: jim | 2006-08-10 19:37:21 -0700 Added: flags to chroot clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(edit) @19a6071   17 years clfs r775@server (orig r773): jim | 2005-11-29 12:04:51 -0800 … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
(add) @3f8be484   17 years clfs r627@server (orig r625): jim | 2005-10-31 12:59:34 -0800 Import of … clfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsystemdsysvinit
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