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Modification to About Test Suites, and various minor fixes

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  • appendices/acronymlist.xml

    r960d87a r6a8ff5c  
    327327      <term><emphasis role="bold">LSB</emphasis></term>
    328328      <listitem>
    329         <para>Linux Standards Base</para>
     329        <para>Linux Standard Base</para>
    330330      </listitem>
    331331    </varlistentry>
  • final-preps/abouttestsuites.xml

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    2929  <note>
    30     <para>Experience has shown that there is little to be gained
    31     from running the test suites in <xref
    32     linkend="chapter-testsuite-tools"/>. There can be no escaping the fact
    33     that the host system always exerts some influence on the tests in that
    34     chapter, often causing inexplicable failures. Because the tools built
    35     in <xref linkend="chapter-testsuite-tools"/> are temporary and
    36     eventually discarded, we do not recommend running the test suites in
    37     <xref linkend="chapter-testsuite-tools"/> for the average reader. The
    38     instructions for running those test suites are provided for the
    39     benefit of testers and developers, but they are strictly
    40     optional.</para>
     30    <para>It is not possible to run testsuites when cross-compiling, so there
     31    are no instructions given for running testsuites until
     32    <xref linkend="chapter-building-system"/>.</para>
    4133  </note>
    4638  most likely cause is that the host system does not have the
    4739  <systemitem class="filesystem">devpts</systemitem> file system set up
    48   correctly. This issue is discussed in greater detail in <xref
    49   linkend="chapter-testsuite-tools"/>.</para>
     40  correctly. This issue is discussed in greater detail at
     41  <ulink url=""/>.</para>
    5143  <para>Sometimes package test suites will fail, but for reasons which the
  • final-preps/settingenviron.xml

    r960d87a r6a8ff5c  
    5656  the shell will always search the <envar>PATH</envar> when a program is to
    5757  be run. As such, the shell will find the newly compiled tools in
    58   <filename class="directory">$LFS/tools</filename> as soon as they are
     58  <filename class="directory">$LFS/cross-tools</filename> as soon as they are
    5959  available without remembering a previous version of the same program in a
    6060  different location.</para>
  • final-system/common/inetutils.xml

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    2525      <seglistitem>
    2626        <seg>Bash, Binutils, Coreutils, Diffutils, GCC, Glibc, Grep,
    27         Make, Ncurses, Patch, and Sed</seg>
     27        Make, Ncurses, Patch, Sed, and Zlib</seg>
    2828      </seglistitem>
    2929    </segmentedlist>
  • final-system/common/vim.xml

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    115115    <indexterm zone="conf-vim">
    116       <primary sortas="e-/etc/vim">/etc/vim</primary>
     116      <primary sortas="e-/etc/vim">/etc/vimrc</primary>
    117117    </indexterm>
  • introduction/common/how.xml

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    2121  <para>As an alternative to installing an entire separate distribution
    22   onto your machine, and if your host machine is x86 based, you may wish to
     22  onto your machine, you may wish to
    2323  use the Linux From Scratch LiveCD. The CD works well as a host system,
    2424  providing all the tools you need to successfully follow the instructions
  • introduction/common/resources.xml

    r960d87a r6a8ff5c  
    3939    <title>News Server</title>
    41     <para> The Linux From Scratch is no longer available.
     41    <para> The Linux From Scratch News Server is no longer available.
    4242    Please use the other support methods listed on this page
    4343    </para>
  • temp-system/common/introduction.xml

    r960d87a r6a8ff5c  
    1717  with more user convenience than a minimum environment would.</para>
    19   <para>There are two steps in building this minimal system. The first
    20   step is to build a new and host-independent toolchain (compiler,
    21   assembler, linker, libraries, and a few useful utilities).  The second
    22   step uses this toolchain to build the other essential tools.</para>
    24   <para>The files compiled in this chapter will be installed under the
     19  <para>The tools in this chapter are cross-compiled using the toolchain in /cross-tools. The files compiled in this chapter will be installed under the
    2520  <filename class="directory">$LFS/tools</filename> directory to keep
    2621  them separate from the files installed in <xref
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