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    This patch works around rpath in GCC
    diff -Naur gcc-4.4.0.orig/ gcc-4.4.0/
    old new  
    68866886          rpath="$finalize_rpath"
    68876887          test "$mode" != relink && rpath="$compile_rpath$rpath"
    68886888          for libdir in $rpath; do
     6889            case "$libdir" in /usr/lib|/usr/lib64|/usr/lib/../lib|/usr/lib/../lib64) continue;; esac
    68896890            if test -n "$hardcode_libdir_flag_spec"; then
    68906891              if test -n "$hardcode_libdir_separator"; then
    68916892                if test -z "$hardcode_libdirs"; then
    75757576      rpath=
    75767577      hardcode_libdirs=
    75777578      for libdir in $compile_rpath $finalize_rpath; do
     7579        case "$libdir" in /usr/lib|/usr/lib64|/usr/lib/../lib|/usr/lib/../lib64) continue;; esac
    75787580        if test -n "$hardcode_libdir_flag_spec"; then
    75797581          if test -n "$hardcode_libdir_separator"; then
    75807582            if test -z "$hardcode_libdirs"; then
    76267628      rpath=
    76277629      hardcode_libdirs=
    76287630      for libdir in $finalize_rpath; do
     7631        case "$libdir" in /usr/lib|/usr/lib64|/usr/lib/../lib|/usr/lib/../lib64) continue;; esac
    76297632        if test -n "$hardcode_libdir_flag_spec"; then
    76307633          if test -n "$hardcode_libdir_separator"; then
    76317634            if test -z "$hardcode_libdirs"; then
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