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8<sect1 id="pre-prerequisites">
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11  <title>Prerequisites</title>
13  <para>Building a CLFS system is not a simple task. It requires a certain
14  level of existing knowledge of Unix system administration in order to
15  resolve problems, and correctly execute the commands listed. In particular,
16  as an absolute minimum, the reader should already have the ability to use
17  the command line (shell) to copy or move files and directories, list
18  directory and file contents, and change the current directory. It is also
19  expected that the reader has a reasonable knowledge of using and installing
20  Linux software. A basic knowledge of the architectures being used in
21  the Cross LFS process and the host operating systems in use is also
22  required</para>
24  <para>Because the CLFS book assumes <emphasis>at least</emphasis> this basic
25  level of skill, the various LFS support forums are unlikely to be able to
26  provide you with much assistance; you will find that your questions regarding
27  such basic knowledge will likely go unanswered, or you will simply be referred
28  to the LFS essential pre-reading list.</para>
30  <para>Before building a CLFS system, we recommend reading the following
31  HOWTOs:</para>
33  <itemizedlist>
34    <listitem>
35      <para remap="verbatim">Software-Building-HOWTO
36      <ulink url=""/></para>
38      <para>This is a comprehensive guide to building and installing
39      <quote>generic</quote> Unix software distributions under Linux.</para>
40    </listitem>
41    <listitem>
42      <para remap="verbatim">The Linux Users' Guide
43      <ulink url=""/></para>
45      <para>This guide covers the usage of assorted Linux software.</para>
46    </listitem>
47    <listitem>
48      <para remap="verbatim">The Essential Pre-Reading Hint
49      <ulink url="&hints-root;essential_prereading.txt"/></para>
51      <para>This is an LFS Hint written specifically for users new to Linux.
52      It includes a list of links to excellent sources of information on a
53      wide range of topics. Anyone attempting to install LFS should have an
54      understanding of many of the topics in this hint.</para>
55    </listitem>
56  </itemizedlist>
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