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  • util-linux-2.12q

    Submitted By: Jim Gifford (patches at jg555 dot com)
    Date: 2005-08-28
    Initial Package Version: 2.12q
    Origin: Joe Ciccone 
    Upstream Status: Sent
    Description: Fixes GCC4 Compile Issues
    diff -Naur util-linux-2.12q.orig/mount/umount.c util-linux-2.12q/mount/umount.c
    old new  
    4040#include <linux/unistd.h>
    4141#ifdef __NR_umount2
    43 static int umount2(const char *path, int flags);
     43int umount2(const char *path, int flags);
    4545_syscall2(int, umount2, const char *, path, int, flags);
    4747#else /* __NR_umount2 */
    49 static int
    5050umount2(const char *path, int flags) {
    5151        fprintf(stderr, _("umount: compiled without support for -f\n"));
    5252        errno = ENOSYS;
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