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Remove space in perl multilib patch and update size and md5 hash in patches.ent

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  • perl-5.20.0

    Submitted By: William Harrington <kb0iic at cross-lfs dot org>
    Date: 2014-29-14
    Initial Package Version: 5.12.0
    Origin: Cross-LFS
    Upstream Status: Not Applied - Internal to CLFS
    Description: This patch allows perl to be installed in /usr/lib32
                 or /usr/lib64 instead of /usr/lib.
    diff -Naur perl-5.20.0.orig/Configure perl-5.20.0/Configure
    old new  
    13591359glibpth="$glibpth /usr/ccs/lib /usr/ucblib /usr/local/lib"
    13601360test -f /usr/shlib/ && glibpth="/usr/shlib $glibpth"
    13611361test -f /shlib/     && glibpth="/shlib $glibpth"
     1362test -d /usr/lib32         && glibpth="$glibpth /lib32 /usr/lib32 /usr/local/lib32"
    13621363test -d /usr/lib64         && glibpth="$glibpth /lib64 /usr/lib64 /usr/local/lib64"
    13641365: Private path used by Configure to find libraries.  Its value
    65006501: The default "style" setting is made in installstyle.U
    65016502case "$installstyle" in
    65026503*lib/perl5*) set dflt privlib lib/$package/$version ;;
     6504*lib32/perl5*) set dflt privlib lib32/$package/$version ;;
     6505*lib64/perl5*) set dflt privlib lib64/$package/$version ;;
    65036506*)       set dflt privlib lib/$version ;;
    65056508eval $prefixit
    67486751case "$sitelib" in
    67496752'') case "$installstyle" in
    67506753        *lib/perl5*) dflt=$siteprefix/lib/$package/site_$prog/$version ;;
     6754        *lib32/perl5*) dflt=$witeprefix/lib32/$package/site_$prog/$version ;;
     6755        *lib64/perl5*) dflt=$siteprefix/lib64/$package/site_$prog/$version ;;
    67516756        *)       dflt=$siteprefix/lib/site_$prog/$version ;;
    67526757        esac
    67536758        ;;
    71667171                prog=`echo $package | $sed 's/-*[0-9.]*$//'`
    71677172                case "$installstyle" in
    71687173                *lib/perl5*) dflt=$vendorprefix/lib/$package/vendor_$prog/$version ;;
     7174                *lib32/perl5*) dflt=$vendorprefix/lib32/$package/vendor_$prog/$version ;;
     7175                *lib64/perl5*) dflt=$vendorprefix/lib64/$package/vendor_$prog/$version ;;
    71697176                *)           dflt=$vendorprefix/lib/vendor_$prog/$version ;;
    71707177                esac
    71717178                ;;
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