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Updated Perl to 5.10.1

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    Submitted By: Ryan Oliver <ryan dot oliver at pha dot com dot au>
    Date: 2009-08-25
    Initial Package Version: 5.10.1
    Origin: Ryan Oliver
    Upstream Status: Unknown
    Description: This patch adapts some hard-wired paths to the C library.
                 It uses the $prefix variable to locate the correct libc.
    Rediffed: Against 5.10.0 by Joe Ciccone on 2008-08-30
              Against 5.10.1 By Jim Gifford on 2009-08-25
    diff -Naur perl-5.10.1.orig/hints/ perl-5.10.1/hints/
    old new  
    6363# We don't use __GLIBC__ and  __GLIBC_MINOR__ because they
    6464# are insufficiently precise to distinguish things like
    6565# libc-2.0.6 and libc-2.0.7.
    66 if test -L /lib/; then
    67     libc=`ls -l /lib/ | awk '{print $NF}'`
    68     libc=/lib/$libc
     66if test -L ${prefix}/lib/; then
     67    libc=`ls -l ${prefix}/lib/ | awk '{print $NF}'`
     68    libc=${prefix}/lib/$libc
    7171# Configure may fail to find lstat() since it's a static/inline
    436436    libswanted="$libswanted pthread"
    437437    ;;
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