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Enabled Patch's test suite and added LFS's patch test patch

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  • tests/crlf-handling

    Submitted by:            Matt Burgess <matthew at>
    Date:                    2010-01-03
    Initial Package Version: 2.6.1
    Upstream Status:         Submitted
    Origin:                  Matt Burgess
    Description:             Prevents a test from failing when ed is not available.
    diff -Naur patch-2.6.1.orig/tests/crlf-handling patch-2.6.1/tests/crlf-handling
    old new  
    9090# --------------------------------------------------------------
    92 diff -e a b > ab.diff
    93 cp a c
    94 check 'patch c < ab.diff' <<EOF
     92if ! have_ed ; then
     93    echo "The ed utility is not available; skipping ed related tests"
     95    diff -e a b > ab.diff
     96    cp a c
     97    check 'patch c < ab.diff' <<EOF
    97101check 'cat -A c' <<EOF
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