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Updated NCurses to 5.9.

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    Submitted by: Jim Gifford (patches at jg555 dot com)
    Date: 2007-02-15
    Initial Package Version: 5.6
    Upstream Status: Sent
    Origin: Jim Gifford
    Description: Fixes Ncurses to utilize a buggy version of Bash
    diff -Naur ncurses-5.6.orig/include/ ncurses-5.6/include/
    old new  
    3535echo " */"
    38 TABSIZE=`grep -v '^[ #]' $CAPS | grep -v "^$" | grep -v "^capalias"| grep -v "^infoalias" | wc -l`
     38TABSIZE=$(grep -v '^[ #]' $CAPS | grep -v "^$" | grep -v "^capalias"| grep -v "^infoalias" | wc -l)
    4040echo ""
    4141echo "#define CAPTABSIZE        ${TABSIZE}"
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