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    Submitted By: Ryan Oliver (ryan dot oliver at pha dot com dot au)
    Origin: Ryan Oliver
    Date: 2005-04-03
    Initial package version: 2.15 (problem also exists in 2.14 series)
            Updated patch, use this for all binutils 2.15 series instead of the
            If --with-libpath= was specified during configure (or LIB_PATH was
            supplied during make) we want to have these libraries added to the
            linker scripts search paths, and in the case of multi-lib have them
            processed to provide both lib and lib64 search paths.
            This patch produces this behaviour when building a cross-binutils.
            Also to fix an annoyance we remove whatever was specified (if anything)
            by --libdir= from the linker script search path. This is so when cross-
            compiling a 64bit target-native biarch toolchain we can specify the
            installation directory for binutils produced libraries to be */lib64
            without having this directory added to the 32bit emulation search path.
            By rights we should really check if ${libdir} matches a search path in
            any of the supported emulations for this target (as opposed to only the
            one is currently processing) and if so ignore ${libpath}.
    	This patch differs from the preceding genscripts-multilib patch as now
    	USE_LIBPATH will always be set if LIB_PATH is non empty
    diff -uNr binutils- binutils-
    old new  
    112112# If the emulparams file sets NATIVE, make sure USE_LIBPATH is set also.
    113 if test "x$NATIVE" = "xyes" ; then
     113# Also set USE_LIBPATH if LIB_PATH has been set
     114if [ "x$NATIVE" = "xyes" -o "x${LIB_PATH}" != "x" ] ; then
    114115  USE_LIBPATH=yes
    126127# If the emulparams file set LIBPATH_SUFFIX, prepend an extra copy of
    127128# the library path with the suffix applied.
    129 if [ "x${LIB_PATH}" = "x" ] && [ "x${USE_LIBPATH}" = xyes ] ; then
     129if [ "x${USE_LIBPATH}" = xyes ] ; then
    130130  LIB_PATH2=
     131  if [ "x${LIB_PATH}" = "x" ] ; then
     132    libs="${NATIVE_LIB_DIRS}"
     133  else
     134    libs=`echo ${LIB_PATH} | sed 's/:/ /g'`
     135    LIB_PATH=
     136  fi
    132   libs=${NATIVE_LIB_DIRS}
    133138  if [ "x${use_sysroot}" != "xyes" ] ; then
    134139    case " ${libs} " in
    135       *" ${libdir} "*) ;;
    136       *) libs="${libdir} ${libs}" ;;
    137     esac
    138     case " ${libs} " in
    139140      *" ${tool_lib} "*) ;;
    140141      *) libs="${tool_lib} ${libs}" ;;
    141142    esac
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