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Update gcc to version 6.2

This removes the need to patch gcc due to musl as gcc6 supports musl by
simply calling out a musl-based triplet for the target.

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[a9e389d]1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
[8884e2b]3<!ENTITY patches-root "">
[a65e0bb]5<!-- Core Patches -->
[3e2104b]7<!ENTITY iana-etc-update-patch "iana-etc-&iana-etc-version;-update-2.patch">
[3cfcb9c]8<!ENTITY iana-etc-update-patch-md5 "8bf719b313053a482b1e878b75dfc07e">
[3e2104b]9<!ENTITY iana-etc-update-patch-size "4 KB">
[4fc3670]11<!-- Beyond patches -->
13<!ENTITY netplug-patch "netplug-&netplug-version;-fixes-1.patch">
14<!ENTITY netplug-patch-md5 "">
15<!ENTITY netplug-patch-size "1 KB">
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