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Add master changelog entry for Procps-ng 3.3.10 version upgrade.

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8<sect1 id="ch-intro-changelog" xreflabel="Master Changelog">
9  <?dbhtml filename="changelog.html"?>
11  <title>Master Changelog</title>
[d7609f9]13  <para>This is version &version; of the Cross-Compiled Linux From Scratch
14  book, dated &releasedate;. If this book is more than six months old, a newer
15  and better version is probably already available. To find out, please check
16  one of the mirrors via <ulink url="&clfs-wiki;"/>.</para>
18  <para>Below is a list of detailed changes made since the previous release of
19   the book.</para>
[9095be6]21  <itemizedlist>
22    <title>Changelog Entries:</title>
24<!-- Changelog template
26    <listitem>
27      <para>Date</para>
28      <itemizedlist>
29        <listitem>
[1f29b931]30          <para>[name] - Changelog entry.</para>
[3f8be484]31        </listitem>
32        <listitem>
[9095be6]33          <para>[name] - Previous changelog entry.</para>
[3f8be484]34        </listitem>
[aab67ee]35      </itemizedlist>
36    </listitem>
[880cc78]39    <listitem>
40      <para>25 October 2014</para>
41      <itemizedlist>
42        <listitem>
[31f0c36]43          <para>[William Harrington] - Update GREP to 2.20. Fixes ticket
[c1dcfc1]44          <ulink url="&clfs-ticket-root;969">#969.</ulink></para> 
[880cc78]45        </listitem>
[0ba7ddc3]46        <listitem>
[31f0c36]47          <para>[William Harrington] - Update Check to 0.9.14. Fixes ticket
[c1dcfc1]48          <ulink url="&clfs-ticket-root;986">#986.</ulink></para> 
[0ba7ddc3]49        </listitem>
[88869f9f]50        <listitem>
[31f0c36]51          <para>[William Harrington] - Update DHCPCD to 6.5.1. Fixes ticket
[c1dcfc1]52          <ulink url="&clfs-ticket-root;988">#988.</ulink></para> 
[88869f9f]53        </listitem>
[f7ce799]54        <listitem>
[31f0c36]55          <para>[William Harrington] - Update File to 5.20. Fixes ticket
[c1dcfc1]56          <ulink url="&clfs-ticket-root;990">#990.</ulink></para> 
[f7ce799]57        </listitem>
[a9f54be]58        <listitem>
[31f0c36]59          <para>[William Harrington] - Update Gettext to 0.19.3. Fixes ticket
[c1dcfc1]60          <ulink url="&clfs-ticket-root;991">#991.</ulink></para> 
[a9f54be]61        </listitem>
[4fe72297]62        <listitem>
[31f0c36]63          <para>[William Harrington] - Update KBD to 2.0.2. Fixes ticket
[c1dcfc1]64          <ulink url="&clfs-ticket-root;993">#993.</ulink></para> 
[4fe72297]65        </listitem>
[1f0c147]66        <listitem>
[31f0c36]67          <para>[William Harrington] - Update Libpipeline to 1.3.1. Fixes ticket
[c1dcfc1]68          <ulink url="&clfs-ticket-root;994">994.</ulink></para> 
[1f0c147]69        </listitem>
[0adfc94c]70        <listitem>
[31f0c36]71          <para>[William Harrington] - Update Make to 4.1. Fixes ticket
[c1dcfc1]72          <ulink url="&clfs-ticket-root;996">#996.</ulink></para> 
[0adfc94c]73        </listitem>
[80057a4]74        <listitem>
75          <para>[William Harrington] - Add Man-DB Home Page. Fixes ticket
[c1dcfc1]76          <ulink url="&clfs-ticket-root;997">#997.</ulink></para> 
[80057a4]77        </listitem>
[7f92471]78        <listitem>
79          <para>[William Harrington] - Update Man-DB to Fixes ticket
80          <ulink url="&clfs-ticket-root;998">#998.</ulink></para> 
81        </listitem>
[e529597]82        <listitem>
83          <para>[William Harrington] - Update Man-pages to 3.75. Fixes ticket
84          <ulink url="&clfs-ticket-root;999">#999.</ulink></para> 
85        </listitem>
[9a5dcc4]86        <listitem>
87          <para>[William Harrington] - Update Perl to 5.20.1. Fixes ticket
88          <ulink url="&clfs-ticket-root;1000">#1000.</ulink> All hail the
89          1000 ticket!</para> 
90        </listitem>
[38a5fa85]91        <listitem>
92          <para>[William Harrington] - Update Procps-ng to 3.3.10. Fixes ticket
93          <ulink url="&clfs-ticket-root;1001">#1001.</ulink></para> 
94        </listitem>
[880cc78]96      </itemizedlist>
97    </listitem>
[3928c28]99    <listitem>
100      <para>18 October 2014</para>
101      <itemizedlist>
102        <listitem>
103          <para>[William Harrington] - Update LESS to 464.</para> 
104        </listitem>
105      </itemizedlist>
106    </listitem>
[e65f240]108    <listitem>
[ae17004]109      <para>18 October 2014</para>
[e65f240]110      <itemizedlist>
111        <listitem>
[ae17004]112          <para>[William Harrington] - Changelog restarted, see the 3.0.0 book for the
113          old changelog.</para>
[3f8be484]114        </listitem>
115      </itemizedlist>
116    </listitem>
118  </itemizedlist>
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