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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
2<!DOCTYPE sect1 PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.5//EN"
3  "" [
4  <!ENTITY % general-entities SYSTEM "../../general.ent">
5  %general-entities;
8<sect1 id="ch-boot-creatingdirs">
9  <?dbhtml filename="creatingdirs.html"?>
11  <title>Creating Directories</title>
13    <note os="a">
14      <para>The commands in the remainder of the book should be run as
15      the <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem> user. Check
16      that ${CLFS} is set in the
17      <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem> user&rsquo;s environment
18       before proceeding.</para>
19    </note>
21  <para os="b">It is time to create some structure in the CLFS file system. Create a
22  standard directory tree by issuing the following commands:</para>
24<screen os="c"><userinput>mkdir -pv ${CLFS}/{bin,boot,dev,{etc/,}opt,home,lib/firmware,mnt}
25mkdir -pv ${CLFS}/{proc,media/{floppy,cdrom},run/{,shm},sbin,srv,sys}
26mkdir -pv ${CLFS}/var/{lock,log,mail,spool}
27mkdir -pv ${CLFS}/var/{opt,cache,lib/{misc,locate},local}
28install -dv -m 0750 ${CLFS}/root
29install -dv -m 1777 ${CLFS}{/var,}/tmp
30ln -sv ../run ${CLFS}/var/run
31mkdir -pv ${CLFS}/usr/{,local/}{bin,include,lib,sbin,src}
32mkdir -pv ${CLFS}/usr/{,local/}share/{doc,info,locale,man}
33mkdir -pv ${CLFS}/usr/{,local/}share/{misc,terminfo,zoneinfo}
34mkdir -pv ${CLFS}/usr/{,local/}share/man/man{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}</userinput></screen>
36  <para os="d">Directories are, by default, created with permission mode 755,
37  but this is not desirable for all directories. In the commands above,
38  two changes are made&mdash;one to the home directory of user
39  <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem>, and another to the
40  directories for temporary files.</para>
42  <para os="e">The first mode change ensures that not just anybody can enter
43  the <filename class="directory">/root</filename> directory&mdash;the
44  same as a normal user would do with his or her home directory. The
45  second mode change makes sure that any user can write to the
46  <filename class="directory">/tmp</filename> and
47  <filename class="directory">/var/tmp</filename> directories, but
48  cannot remove another user's files from them. The latter is prohibited
49  by the so-called <quote>sticky bit,</quote> the highest bit (1) in the
50  1777 bit mask.</para>
52  <sect2 os="f">
53    <title>FHS Compliance Note</title>
55    <para>The directory tree is based on the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
56    (FHS) (available at <ulink url=""/>). In
57    addition to the tree created above, this standard stipulates the
58    existence of <filename class="directory">/usr/local/games</filename>
59    and <filename class="directory">/usr/share/games</filename>. The FHS
60    is not precise as to the structure of the <filename
61    class="directory">/usr/local/share</filename> subdirectory, so we
62    create only the directories that are needed. However, feel free to
63    create these directories if you prefer to conform more strictly to
64    the FHS.</para>
66  </sect2>
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