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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
BOOK e8cd8fc   2 years William Harrington Add cc_cv...fuse_ld_gold=no within the literal tag.
patches 657587d   2 years William Harrington Update patch name.
scripts 7ffbb9c   6 years William Harrington Update suffix for perl tarball.
.gitignore 32 bytes 2b066c1   8 years Joe Ciccone Ignore any filename ending in a ~, a lot of text editors make these files.

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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
bootscripts-embedded 87cfd4f   23 months andrew Makefile: Rearrange targets so 'install-bootscripts' is default In …
bootscripts-standard 421f21a   5 years chris Updated date
clfs-embedded dcf5785   23 months andrew Update date
clfs-sysroot 4fc026e   8 years Joe Ciccone Integrated the Makefile from the main book.
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