01:09 Ticket #898 (iproute2-3.3.0-libdir-1.patch) created by kb0iic
 http://patches.cross-lfs.org/dev/ The patch is not located. The old patch …
00:23 Ticket #897 (Procps fix HZ errors patch) created by kb0iic
The patch is in the needed patches section but is notused in the build and …
00:11 Ticket #896 (Iana numbers update patch) created by kb0iic
In the iana etc README it states to get the updated data run make get then …
00:02 Ticket #893 (Util-linux 32 bit logger install with multilib systems) closed by kb0iic


23:53 Ticket #895 (Short description of E2fsprogs chattr) created by kb0iic
Original chattr Changes the attributes of files on an ext2 file system; …
22:05 Ticket #894 (Don't need to build 32 bit programs when building eglibc in multilib) created by kb0iic
All we need to do when building 32 bit eglibc in multilib systems is to …
21:52 Ticket #893 (Util-linux 32 bit logger install with multilib systems) created by kb0iic
Example:  http://cross-lfs.org/view/svn/x86_64/final-system/util-linux.html
21:50 Ticket #892 (Multi-arch wrapper test link in multilib books) created by kb0iic
We need to remove the test link after testing the multi-arch wrapper. …
10:50 Ticket #891 (1.2.0 MIPS 32bit book eglibc-port-2.13x tarball URL wrong) created by k2t0f12d
10:42 Ticket #890 (1.2.0 MIPS 32bit book missing patch URL) created by k2t0f12d
5.14 Cross GCC-4.6.0 Static calls for patch …
09:50 Ticket #889 (CLFS Book 1.2.0 MIPS 32bit patches URLs wrong) created by k2t0f12d
09:05 Ticket #888 (1.2.0 MIPs 32bit book All Packages URLs wrong) created by k2t0f12d


21:48 Ticket #887 (EGLIBC-2.15 Multilib RPC error) created by kb0iic
When building multilib 32 bit eglibc, and possibly 64 bit (haven't tested …


20:43 Ticket #886 (Shadow 4.1.5 upgrade to shadow created by kb0iic has important changes from 4.1.5. We need to update to this …
12:51 Ticket #885 (Binutils-2.22 and cloog isl) created by kb0iic
No need for --enable-cloog-back-end=isl or the ppl and cloog configure …
12:49 Ticket #884 (gcc 4.6.3 branch update patch) created by kb0iic
gcc-4.6.3-branch_update-1.patch is in the needed patches but isn't used in …
12:47 Ticket #883 (Remove eglibc 2.15 patch) created by kb0iic
Remove eglibc-2.15-r17386-dl_dep_fix-1.patch from needed patches. It isn't …
12:46 Ticket #882 (Rsyslog download location) created by kb0iic
Rsyslog download location has changed or wasn't correct to begin with. …
12:44 Ticket #881 (Wrong automake version) created by kb0iic
Automake version needs to be changed from 1.12.3 to 1.12.1 This will then …
12:41 Ticket #157 (PPC64 Pure 64 build book) closed by kb0iic
12:39 Ticket #878 (EGLIBC-2.13) closed by kb0iic


18:00 Changeset [736bb57] by Jonathan Norman <jon@…>
masterclfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsysvinitRenamed GCC 4.6.2 patches to 4.6.3
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