03:27 Ticket #153 (iproute2/Sparc64 kernel header issue) created by david
root:/sources# cd ipr* root:/sources/iproute2-2.6.23# sed -i …


19:41 Ticket #152 (Only ppc and ppc64 are using the glibc branch update patch in chapter 5) created by ken
At the moment, this doesn't matter too much because those were the only …


12:05 Ticket #151 (minix tools in temporary util-linux-ng for chroot) created by ken
In chapter 8 we go out of our way to build mkfs.minix and fsck.minix. OK, …
11:59 Ticket #150 (It would be nice to build df in the temp coreutils) created by ken
A long while back, Joe pointed me to this: […] I've been using it for …
03:12 Ticket #149 (Cross silo build for pure 64bit Sparc V9 broken) created by david
I was cross-compilling silo for the Pure 64 bit boot method of the SVN …
03:07 Ticket #148 (Adding a text editor to tools part of book (optional section)) created by david
Just another note not to forget. Awhile ago, a discussion came up about …
03:04 Ticket #147 (Netboot in book) created by david
Just so I do not forget, I was thinking that we could include the netboot …


19:06 Ticket #146 (Address using chroot to build ix86 from i686 or x86_64) created by jciccone
This probably holds true for other architectures too, but it's not seen as …


23:34 Changeset [9880c31] by Joe Ciccone <jciccone@…>
masterclfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsysvinitUpdated flex to 2.5.35. This fixes numerous compilation issues against …
23:14 Changeset [12b998f] by Joe Ciccone <jciccone@…>
masterclfs-1.2clfs-2.1clfs-3.0.0-systemdclfs-3.0.0-sysvinitsysvinitUpdate Date.
23:13 Ticket #145 (Linux created by jciccone
New Release
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