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bradfa (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1184 Build for a QEMU target in each arch BOOK CLFS Embedded 1.0.0 enhancement 10/27/17

We should have the default flow of the embedded book be that you're building an embedded system which can be booted in QEMU. In this way, we can give a set of commands that people can blindly follow and then boot their system using QEMU.

This is advantageous as we can also enumerate what other ways things can be done for specific variants of processors/boards but at least it's easy to have someone build and run a system even if they don't have any hardware. It'll also make it easier to track down bugs as we can ask bug reporters to provide steps to reproduce using the QEMU targets.

By doing this, we can provide a given kernel config and bootloader setup (if one is even needed). People who want to build and run on real hardware can then go off and figure out how their hardware works for these tasks, since embedded things are a bit less standardized compared to desktop PCs.

#948 Enumerate the various x86 -march options BOOK CLFS Embedded 1.0.0 task 10/24/13

Like for ARM, there's a huge list of valid -march options for x86. We only currently list a few and things like i7 and atom are missing while they'll be fairly popular today. This list should go into the cross-tools/variables section.

#949 Update contents of libc and gcc sections BOOK CLFS Embedded 1.0.0 task 10/24/13

Contents of both the libc and gcc sections don't match what's actually installed.

#912 Link embedded book git repo to trac BOOK CLFS Embedded 1.0.0 feature request 09/12/12

If possible (needs investigation) it would be nice to link the embedded git repo to trac so that SHAs and ticket numbers could be referenced between the two.

#833 Fix up mdev.conf BOOK CLFS Embedded 1.0.0 task 04/10/11

Our mdev.conf may not be the best example of how to do an mdev.conf. Based on this mailing list thread ( http://lists.busybox.net/pipermail/busybox/2009-November/070889.html), the busybox people feel we may have an older version of an example mdev.conf that could not be exploiting all the features of mdev.

Take a look at if mdev.conf should be updated to better fit with current busybox ideals.

The current mdev.conf works for me, so this isn't a huge priority.

#923 Integrate Joe's "simp" changes from main book BOOK CLFS Standard 3.1.0 enhancement 06/19/13

Joe had worked on the 'simp' branch of the main book back in 2011. The goal was to provide a clfs specific schema that would present writing the book in a way that could have common and not-common sections all in one file.

For instance, most of the instructions for building GCC are such that there's a ton of text that's common to all archs. Only some text is specific to which ever arch is being read. Right now we end up with a common file and one file per arch with lots of references back to the common file. This makes reading either the common file or each of the arch's files difficult as seeing how to get from the files to the output is difficult. With Joe's 'simp' changes everything goes in one file and the section that's specific to any arch or another goes inline with indication for which arch it's for. Multiple archs can go together in a block, such as if just one arch is different.

Migration to this new 'simp' style can be done seamlessly based on the last tests I remember Joe doing. As things are converted over they automatically start using the new schemas and validation. Until they get converted, the old just docbook is used.

jciccone (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#219 Update Package Contents in Sysroot BOOK CLFS Sysroot 1.0.0 task 07/11/09

Copy the package contents from the main branch into clfs-sysroot.

#221 Fix rpath for GMP/MPFR/PPL/CLooG-PPL BOOK CLFS Sysroot 1.0.0 task 07/12/09

Its leaving $CLFS in the path after the sysroot build is complete. Need to clean up.

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