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(edit) @c72b980   2 years andrew Update gcc to version 6.2 This removes the need to patch gcc due to musl …
(edit) @30f9ca7   4 years andrew Update busybox to version 1.22.1 Removes the need to patch busybox due to …
(edit) @7e8a7d8   4 years andrew Update binutils to 2.24 Now supports musl without patching of binutils.
(edit) @2864f08   4 years andrew Add netplug to beyond-net Not yet supported by bootscripts although …
(edit) @3e2104b   5 years andrew Fix iana-etc patch and 'make get' Use Arch Linux patch.
(edit) @390c34a   5 years andrew Remove bootloaders section and bootloaders Only MIPS had any information …
(edit) @b748208   5 years andrew Delete busybox config patch The defconfig with 2 quick seds will suffice.
(edit) @76135be   5 years andrew Add busybox-musl patch Required in order to build busybox released …
(edit) @c01e552   5 years andrew Add musl patches for gcc and binutils
(edit) @75a0379   5 years andrew Convert from uClibc to musl-libc Does not include musl required patches …
(edit) @8e7dcf3   5 years andrew Rename uClibc-configs from 2 to 3 for OABI->EABI
(edit) @ec6732d   5 years andrew uClibc-configs.patch: Remove OABI, use EABI Default big and little endian …
(edit) @be33999   5 years andrew Revert "Rename uClibc configs patch" This reverts commit …
(edit) @9959161   5 years andrew Rename uClibc configs patch To match current version.
(edit) @0dc20ea   5 years andrew Rename busybox config patch To match current busybox version
(edit) @729274c   5 years andrew patches: Remove Linux bcm47xx fixes patch Used only by wrt, no longer …
(edit) @a217acd   5 years andrew Remove ARM gcc soft-float patch
(edit) @4472cad   5 years andrew Remove busybox 1.17.3 fixes patch Moved to newer busybox version.
(edit) @8ee102d   5 years andrew Remove iptables fixes patch Updated to newer version of iptables.
(edit) @2697c08   5 years andrew Remove libnl patch No longer using old git repo tarball so patch …
(edit) @7f87fed   7 years bradfa Fixed GCC ARM soft float patch Fixed an issue where applying the patch …
(edit) @dea8e25   7 years bradfa Created patch to enable softfloat on ARM w/ uClibc Original taken from …
(edit) @0171693   7 years bradfa Updated BusyBox? to version 1.18.4 Simply commented out the fixes patch …
(edit) @8a1a3a8   8 years bradfa Revert "Patch created to handle uClibc EABI configs" This reverts commit …
(edit) @3f7d28c   8 years bradfa Revert "Delete configs-3 patch for uClibc" This reverts commit …
(edit) @e4925d1   8 years bradfa Delete configs-3 patch for uClibc Previously brought back the configs-2 …
(edit) @b0386e9   8 years bradfa Revert "Removed uClibc-0.9.31-configs-2.patch" This reverts commit …
(edit) @ac7abbd   8 years bradfa Removed uClibc-0.9.31-configs-2.patch
(edit) @f6dfa52   8 years bradfa Patch created to handle uClibc EABI configs
(edit) @6ff96e1   8 years bradfa Removed hppa and alpha archs from uClibc configs HPPA and Alpha aren't …
(edit) @85ff85f   8 years bradfa Renamed iana-etc patch to comply with name format
(edit) @21f1019   8 years bradfa Created patch for Iana-etc Patch to provide correct operation of …
(edit) @bf4c511   8 years jciccone Add missing busybox config patch from commit earlier.
(edit) @18b91a8   8 years jciccone Bumped the uClibc Configs Patch to -2, adding in SUSv3 Compatibility for …
(edit) @93539e4   8 years jciccone Updated BusyBox? to 1.17.3.
(edit) @a9bbc46   8 years jciccone Updated uClibc to 0.9.31.
(edit) @35e0963   8 years jciccone Initial Upgrade of GCC to 4.5.1. MPC needs to be added.
(edit) @c747e18   8 years jciccone Updated Binutils to 2.20.1.
(edit) @85fc1b3   8 years jciccone Updated MPFR to 3.0.0.
(edit) @b0b1007   8 years jciccone Updated GMP to 5.0.1.
(edit) @884672b   9 years mlankhorst book: Add hostapd and libnl to beyond section
(edit) @5aeee94   9 years mlankhorst Update bcm47xx patch
(edit) @2e856a4   9 years mlankhorst bump busybox to 1.15
(edit) @b71d8ca   9 years mlankhorst update busybox
(edit) @ffc7663   9 years mlankhorst book: Update kernel packages and patches
(edit) @138fbc4   9 years mlankhorst patches: Remove legacy patches
(edit) @f5994ee   9 years clfs uClibc Updates and Linux Update
(edit) @118c546   9 years clfs Updated Busybox
(edit) @2804a96   9 years clfs Updates - Endian Check - GCC and Binutils Patch Updates
(edit) @3ec3099   10 years clfs Added Missing Files and Package Updates
(edit) @a4733fb   10 years clfs File Size Updates. Typo Fixes
(edit) @7791a76   10 years clfs Updated Busybox Branch Update Patch to -3
(edit) @19776da   10 years clfs Updated to Linux
(edit) @24f9f40   10 years clfs Updated uClibc Update Patch
(edit) @0ef4c20   10 years clfs Added: uClibc-0.9.30-branch_update-2.patch
(edit) @8c63653   10 years clfs uClibc Updates
(edit) @b36d112   10 years clfs Update to Busybox Branch Update Patch
(edit) @320a81a   10 years clfs Updated to Binutils 2.19.1
(edit) @997f31a   10 years clfs Updated to efsprogs 1.41.4
(edit) @6a3c6dc   10 years clfs Updates to IPTables and Dropbear
(edit) @6d1c66e   10 years clfs Updated to Linux
(edit) @489ddbd   10 years clfs Text updates. Removed uneeded Patch
(edit) @bd83d71   10 years clfs Removed Zlib DESTDIR patch
(edit) @0e9e889   10 years clfs Starting Busybox Updates
(edit) @12cd5ac   10 years clfs Updated GCC Patches
(edit) @3139927   10 years clfs Update uClibc
(edit) @06beb7a   10 years clfs Added: Patches
(edit) @2567553   10 years jciccone Updated Busybox to 1.12.1. Patched uClibc so struct flock doesn't get …
(edit) @0194a60   10 years jciccone Updated Binutils to 2.19. Updated GCC to 4.3.2. Dropped the uClibc Headers …
(edit) @fb6d46f   11 years jciccone Update Patch.
(edit) @9a57cc4   12 years clfs Updated to Linux
(edit) @0602db2   12 years clfs Updated to GCC 4.1.2
(edit) @0f689dc   12 years clfs Renamed: busybox- to busybox-1.4.1-fixes-1.patch
(edit) @751a25a   12 years clfs Fixed IPTables DO_MULTI Patch
(edit) @3c65c99   12 years clfs Updates to Iptables, Typos, and Validation error fixes
(edit) @5956516   12 years clfs Started Updating for 2.6.20
(edit) @be76242   12 years clfs Updated to Linux Fixes for uClibc Changed > to > Updated all …
(edit) @419755e   12 years m.b.lankhorst Add autotool patch for dropbear
(edit) @a6b0b88   12 years m.b.lankhorst Update cross-lfs patches
(edit) @b384f33f   12 years m.b.lankhorst Rename bcm patch
(edit) @21e0fdf   12 years m.b.lankhorst Add required patches
(edit) @d841e12   12 years clfs Removed zlib fpic patch
(edit) @24e0008   12 years clfs Moved Software to svn
(edit) @841271e   12 years clfs uClibc updates
(add) @e666df1   12 years clfs Updated Date Added Busybox Added Patches Updated uClibc to build Busybox
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